Navigate the Transformative Age

Like the information age before it, and the industrial age before that, the Transformative Age is an era that combines unprecedented change with limitless opportunity.

Key to this is the rapid evolution of the nature of work. New generations are now dominating the workforce and we’re all being asked to adopt new behaviours. To be more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, more everything.

New platforms and productivity drivers are creating incredible new possibilities. We now live in a cloud-based world and every day we learn of advances in robotics, cognitive technologies and intelligent automation. We have entered a time of the gig economy, smart cities, clean energy sources and self-driving vehicles.

Business is anything but usual. And navigating the Transformative Age demands we ask better questions:
• How can AI enhance human potential?
• Could you execute your strategy better by seeing digital from every angle?
• Do you change your people or change the way your people work?
• Does cybersecurity only become a priority once you’ve been attacked?

We believe better questions come from better connections. This means embracing a diversity of ideas and a rich mix of talents, backgrounds and experience. These combined perspectives will give you new insights and equip you to operate in an entirely new way.

It’s clear that the more we all connect, the better able we are to meet the complex
challenges of our times and forge new paths to growth.

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Our global consulting business asked if there was a nimbler, better-connected model: purpose-driven, strategic but able to execute fast, then adapt and sprint to smart solutions.

Over recent years, we’ve built a wide range of strategic alliances and hired, acquired and developed talent and capabilities in AI, design, cyber, analytics, robotics and other transformative disciplines. We’ve connected these skills with our experts in finance, regulatory, tax and transactions. And we’ve made a multi-million-dollar investment in our international network of wavespace innovation centers where our multi-disciplinary teams now work with clients, large and small, to design and prototype new products and business models. Already our better-connected approach is helping clients leverage predictive analytics to forge new markets and products. Through our robotics expertise we’re streamlining multiple business processes, and by applying emerging technologies like wearables we’re creating entirely new customer experiences.