Why the cities of the future need to think smart

by Kulraj Smagh, Director, Advanced Tech Group, EY The future of urban transport Traffic congestion is already a major problem in large cities and with urban populations expected to grow throughout this century, it is only going to get worse. On average, an individually owned car is in use only about 7% of the time. … More Why the cities of the future need to think smart

Navigating the cloud Transformation journey

Navigating the cloud transformation journey? Cloud computing, with the promise of consumption-based pricing and low-cost switching, will require significant scale or locking in to a long-term supplier to generate value for the companies providing services. Will this lead to monopolistic pricing and inflexibility for the organisations consuming these services? For large enterprises, the move to … More Navigating the cloud Transformation journey

Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new Transformation Age blog. We will be bringing you regular updates on a range of transformative topics, including: innovation, design, digital transformation, AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, smart cities, smart homes, cyber, data and analytics. Click here to find out more about the transformation age.